Wood Shop


The sculpture facilities include both an indoor studio and outdoor work area. Students receive instruction in a range of contemporary processes and problems in sculpture, learning how to work with wood, metal, molds, cardboard, found objects, and experimental materials. In the studio are workbenches, student lockers and storage, model-making space, a fully-stocked tool crib (hand tools and power tools), and a variety of digital fabrication equipment. Mold-making facilities are adjacent to sculpture and ceramics studios. The outdoor courtyard has designated work areas for foundry, welding, and large-scale fabrication. The ‘scrap yard’ is a resource for all students to access free material for art-making. Faculty, staff, and graduate assistants coordinate monitored hours to provide supervised access to the full range of equipment in the sculpture facilities. Students enrolled in sculpture classes have 24/7 access to work space and storage.
Adjacent to the sculpture studio is a woodshop. The shop is used department-wide for instruction on various projects including crate construction, building stretcher-bars, exhibition displays, assemblage sculpture, and general woodworking. The studio is supervised by faculty, staff, and graduate assistants and outfitted with a dust collection system and adjustable ventilation hoods. All students have access during scheduled hours once a mandatory safety orientation is complete.