Graduate Studio

All graduate students receive individual studios with natural lighting, exhaust hoods to remove hazardous fumes, and ample space for working and storage.




All graduate studios come furnished with heavy-duty work benches with birch-block and linoleum tops, one heavy-duty shelving unit, and a desk chair. Each studio also has a wet area with a sink, paper towel, and soap dispenser that the department will refill.


Your studio also has an articulating exhaust system with a light on the fume hood to help with close-up work. This system allows you to work on your research even when the main studios are in use.


Depending on your specialty and availability the Department of Art can also provide furniture and equipment to help you develop your research like jewelers benches, flat files, and throwing wheels.



Your studio is a space you can set up to meet the needs of your research during your time in our MFA program! You will use it to develop your research, meet with students, and have critiques with professors and visiting artists.