The state-of-the-art ceramics studio provides high-quality technical facilities necessary for a comprehensive education in ceramic arts. The main ceramic studio and classroom consists of 1,800 square feet of centralized workspace for wheel throwing and hand building, with 24-hour access. There are twelve electric wheels, a large slab roller, and ample workspace and storage shelving. Additionally, there is a dedicated molding-making classroom, a humidity-controlled room, and a fully stocked glaze lab with spray booth. The clay mixing room is equipped with two high-quality vacuumed chambered pug mills, two Soldner clay mixers, a hundred-gallon slip mixer, and an impressive inventory of raw materials needed to mix and research clay bodies. An adjoining enclosed courtyard houses kilns as well as offering additional covered and uncovered outdoor workspace. Students are able to choose from a variety of kilns and firing methods, including six top-loading electric kilns, four small test electric kilns, two large Olsen gas kilns, one small test gas kiln, a raku kiln, and a large state-of-the-art computerized Blaauw gas kiln. To provide students with the ability to research the expanding realms of digital ceramics, a top-of-the-line ceramic 3-D printer and a colored decal printer are available. All graduate students receive individual top-tier 125-square-foot studio spaces, equipped with adjustable ventilation hoods, work table, sink, and storage shelving.