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NMSU Professor Motoko Furuhashi Featured in La Frontera

NMSU Professor Motoko Furuhashi Featured in La Frontera

NMSU professor Motoko Furuhashi is featured in La Frontera at Ruben Center which will be open in Centro Cultural de las Fronteras at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez in October.

"La Frontera explores the U.S.–Mexico border and what it represents as a physical reality, geopolitical construction, and condition of being. Working in contemporary jewelry, the artists included present stories of geography, identity, and desire, creating profound relationships between concept and the implied wearer.

First mounted in 2013, the original La Frontera exhibition considered the border as the physical place where complex relationships between Mexico and the U.S. are most visible. Re-curated on its tenth anniversary, La Frontera brings together many artists from its first iteration with artists from the borderlands, deepening the ways in which the exhibition includes the lived experiences of transfronterizxs."

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Motoko creating work on street

Metals Show 2

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