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Department of Art
Interdisciplinary & Intercultural

Within the scope of the university’s land-grant mission, the Department of Art utilizes our unique geographic location to serve and reflect diverse border communities, support learning that combines innovative and hybrid techniques, critical and cultural theory, contemporary exhibitions, and art historical inquiry.  Capitalizing on the specialties and research agendas of our faculty, we provide an environment and a platform for aesthetic and critical engagement through the application of studio and art historical methodologies. Our curriculum fosters learning through experimental immersion in collaborative and cross-disciplinary activity.
Students develop their artistic aesthetic and professional growth through engagement with a variety of approaches to individual research practice. Student’s research also includes critique and discourse related to the context of both historical and contemporary issues, and the development of new strategies of inquiry into contemporary culture and knowledge. As artists, historians, and conservators, we provide a space for active engagement with varied disciplines in local, national and international communities.

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