Department of Art Scholarships

Every Spring, our art majors have the opportunity to apply for 8 – 10 scholarships and awards from $250 to $6,000. Each scholarship and award is set up with different eligibility requirements ranging in GPA requirements, class standing, a written essay and/or submission of a portfolio. These scholarships and awards create a competitive spirit among our motivated art majors in the undergraduate and graduate programs seeking opportunities to help enhance and finance their education. Opportunities for travel to art exhibits at major museums, attending workshops or presenting art history papers at conferences outside of Las Cruces are some of the benefits students can take advantage of through the various awards. These opportunities help to enrich a student’s experience and education at New Mexico State University.

Gabriel and Geraldine Martinez and the New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. created the Liette Martinez Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is dedicated to Liette Martinez, a student in graphic design and is offered to an art major whose emphasis is in graphic design.  The scholarship goes to a junior or senior who does not qualify for financial aid, is working towards an art degree with an emphasis in graphic design, has a minimum 3.0 GPA, and submits a portfolio with 10 images and a short essay on their career goals.

The Ken Barrick Memorial Endowed Scholarship is funded by his daughters, Kay Barrick Rickets and Barbara Barrick Edmonds and friends. It is in honor of Mr. Barrick’s long time commitment to the arts and his legacy as a professor at NMSU’s Department of Art. This scholarship is for students in the MFA program who are full time, submit a portfolio of 10 images and demonstrate a commitment to a professional career.

Jose Cisneros Art Student Travel Award goes to a student from Southern New Mexico, Chihauhua, Mexico or El Paso Texas. The applicant is required to write a letter describing how he or she will use the money to travel outside of the this region to enhance his education in the arts. This award has been established by Mr. J Paul Taylor.

The Mary Lawbaugh Endowed Fund is a purchase award for undergraduate or graduate student in good standing and whose artwork is accepted into the annual Juried Student Show. This was established in 1978 by Sylvia L. Ahern and has continued to be funded through Mary Lawbaugh’s children.

Mesilla Valley Arts Guild
This award goes out to a full time undergraduate student majoring in the studio arts or graphic arts program and has a 2.5 GPA.

Janet Swenson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student art major with a GPA of 3.2 or higher and a resident of NM. A portfolio of 10 ten images is required.

Jean H. Dodier Scholarship is available to juniors and seniors majoring in art or art history and have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Vivian B. Head Scholarship includes an applicant pool from the Art, Theater and Music Departments. A finalist is selected from the department who exhibits a strong portfolio requiring ten images, a 3.0 GPA, and an essay on free enterprise.

Karl J. and Sylvia P. Schueppert Endowed Scholarship reflects their lifelong passion for art and music and Mr. Schueppert’s career in Chemistry. This scholarship will be awarded to students on a rotational basis between three departments: Bio-chemistry and Chemistry (1st year), Art (2nd year) and Music (3rd year). The qualifications for this scholarship include full time enrollment with a sophomore, junior or senior class ranking. A minimum GPA of a 3.0 and officially declared a major in the area to be awarded.

Candis J. Stern Endowed Scholarship, recently created through the generous donation made by Candis J. Stern to support students who have declared art as their major and an emphasis in Museum Conservation.  Other qualifications for this award include a minimum GPA of 3.0 and preference for students who have taken or are currently enrolled in ART 490, Museum Conservation Internship.

The Philip Wrench Endowed Scholarship, funded through an initial gift from Peter Y. Wrench to award art majors who have a focus in one of the following: Retablo Art, Mexican Religious Art, New Mexican Religious Art or Iconography.  The highest GPA from qualifying students will be given preference in the awarding of this scholarship.

Reece Schleich Endowed Scholarship
Established by Dan Funke and Maureen Howard to honor the memory of Reece Bradley Schleich, the younger son of Terry Kay and Larry Schleich. His brother, AJ Schleich is a 2008 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences. Reece was small in stature, but had a big heart. He loved his life and did not know the meaning of “quit.” The scholarship should inspire the recipient to work hard to achieve their goals, Reece did, and never quit when pursuing the important things in life.
· Declared major in the College of Arts and Sciences
· Preference given to student with a declared major in the Department of Art
· Preference given to student whose state of legal residence is Wyoming

Teddie Current Use Scholarship
Established by Cowboy Poet Baxter Black and his three brothers in memory of their beloved mother (who is not named, but that must be who Teddie is). The scholarship should rotate on an annual basis between students with declared majors in Art, English or Mathematical Sciences. 2016 – 2017 will be designated for Art majors.
· Enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences
· Declared major in the Department of Art
· U. S. Citizen
· New Mexico resident
· Financial Need as determined by official FAFSA results


NMSU Scholarships

New Mexico State University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services is proud to offer a ground-breaking scholarship management system, the Scholar Dollar$ scholarship system. One scholarship application serves all NMSU students, regardless of campus. NMSU has a variety of scholarships that are offered to incoming freshmen, transfer students and continuing students. Most scholarship awards have multiple eligibility requests, so ALWAYS read details carefully and ALWAYS know scholarship deadline dates.

Scholar Dollar$ Financial Aid