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Hyperallergic Article: A Contemporary Look at Devotion

Hyperallergic wrote an article titled A Contemporary Look at Devotion about NMSU Art Museum's Ex-Votos exhibit.

The article states, "There is a constant struggle between the Latinx communities and our representation in the mainstream media. The public craves stories that focus on pain and struggle, constructing fetishizied images of violent clichés. Contemporary artists, whether part of these communities or not, continue to create work feeding into these narratives. The problem is not, of course, the fault of any particular sector, but the arts that inform, educate, and lead us are a massive instrument of the tropey dynamic. Contemporary Ex-Votos: Devotion Beyond Medium, on view at the University Art Museum at New Mexico State University (NMSU), creates a space in which 15 Mexican and Mexican-American artists can analyze their identity beyond the ideas we have been taught to associate with our experience."

Read the full article here.