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NMSU Alumna Maddison Manning to Speak at Baltimore Jewelry Center

Baltimore Jewelry Center Annual Symposium
October 1 & 2

NMSU Alumna Maddison Manning is a speaker at the Baltimore Jewelry Center Annual Symposium. The event will have an exciting line up of speakers for our 2022 symposium, Signs, Signals, & Symbols. This year’s panel will explore the role that jewelry plays as a cultural signifier. Throughout history, jewelry has been utilized to visually indicate a wearer’s preferences, characteristics, attitudes, and beliefs. Jewelry might play an overt role as a signal, as in the case of political buttons, or act as a coded symbol of inclusivity, exclusivity, or social status. Through online and in-person educational content, we will learn and discuss how jewelry and wearable art relate to political movements, gender and sexual identity, as well as cultural communication and practices.

Manning is talking about the creation of her lesbian earrings including their Tik Tok pandemic beginnings to Gen Z’s current, continued, and refreshed reverence for lesbian queer codes.

Register to attend the event here.