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Art Students Design for Virtual URCAS 2021

Once more, the Advanced Graphic Design class had been given the opportunity to construct the brand for URCAS NMSU's Undergraduate Research Creative Arts Symposium 2021. Many excellent concepts were submitted for judging. This year’s winning URCAS logo design concept belongs to Brontë Procell, a senior student in the Art Department.

About the concept: "The main goal of this logo is to simply convey ideas that cater both to researchand creative arts. The use of basic shapes caters to both of these areas because they aresimple yet powerful symbols important to both fields. The circles inside the larger shapes canrepresent a multitude of related ideas, such as a camera, a stethoscope, or a cell. And eventhough the three shapes are different, they are unified under the basis that they are the buildingblocks to a multitude of ideas. URCAS covers many subjects and concepts which can be tracedback to basic shapes" -Brontë Procell

Brontë then paired up with senior student Art Department student Anna Kat to execute the design campaign. To this project, Anna Kat brought her experience in design from working in classes as well as design internships at NMSU's Arrowhead Center and NMCO Media. View their work on the Honor's College website!