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Art Dept Event Calendar

  • Feb
    Saint Joseph and The Laborers
    Saint Joseph and The Laborers This exhibition will be open by appointment beginning Saturday, February 20, 2021. The New Mexico State University Art Museum will present, “Saint Joseph and The Laborers,” created through donations from various retablo collectors, including retablo expert Gloria Fraser Giffords. The exhibit delves into the role of the laborer through the lens of Mexican retablo imagery.
    12:00 AM  Saturday
  • Nov
    Leftovers: 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition
    The University Art Museum (UAM) is proud to present Leftovers: 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition, featuring the work of MFA candidates Maggie Day, Alex Nipper, and Donovan Noelle Swann.
    12:00 AM  Friday