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Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab contains equipment to accommodate a range of projects from digital fabrication and fiber art to printmaking. The lab includes several 3D printers, iMac computers with 3D design software, a Risograph MH 9450U printer, and a large-format digital printer. Students can explore fiber processes using a Bernina programmable embroidery and and advanced sewing machine, an eight-shaft loom, and a tufting gun. Printmaking capabilities include two American French Tool etching presses, a Griffin series 1 lithography press, lithographic stones of various sizes, graining sink, collection of leather and composite rollers, plate cutter and hot plate, rosin aquatint box, both ferric chloride and saline sulfate etching tanks, and a variety of chemicals and inks, as well as serigraphy equipment, Amergraph Advantage 150 exposure unit, and a screen washout sink.