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NMSU Alumna Raquel Madrigal's Las Cruces Mural

NMSU Alumna Raquel Madrigal reveals new mural in Las Cruces. Here is an excerpt from the Las Cruces Sun News article.

"The mural, sponsored by the Doña Ana County Resilience Leaders, was painted by local artist Raquel Madrigal on the side of Cravings Catering with some help from other community members. The wall-sized image depicts a woman growing up with a single mother, getting educated and reaching her full potential due to the support of her family, neighbors and community and reads "100% Community." It's thematically connected to Lift Up Las Cruces, the anti-poverty effort which launched in the surrounding neighborhood last month.

"Getting an education is what propelled my life forward," Madrigal, who attended New Mexico State University, told attendees. "It's what made me see that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to do big murals or be a graphic designer or make videos ... My life would never be the same if I didn't go and get (an) education."

Read the full article on the Las Cruces Sun News website.