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Virtual Gallery Featuring NMSU Professor Motoko Furuhashi

Virtual Gallery Featuring NMSU Professor Motoko Furuhashi

June 25, 2022 - September 10, 2022

View gallery at the Craft in America website.

Location Services presents perspectives on place through the lens of contemporary jewelry and objects. Furuhashi, Quick, and Thomloudis share a common interest in site, place, and origin. Coming to these shared subjects from three distinct perspectives, the artists construct a holistic view through crafted responses which are unequivocally individual. The exhibition demonstrates an explicit view where the artists observe place/site within historical and contemporary contexts of craft and the inseparable bond place has to individuality, society, and culture. The crafting of jewelry and objects is a means to profoundly support and express our identity. It exists to contain our innermost thoughts, engaging intimately with the body, while communicating with and deepening our understanding of the world that surrounds us.

Motoko Furuhashi uses direct experiences to capture the physical and non-physical memories of selected locations. By collecting material directly from the site and creating through performative actions, Furuhashi claims the site as an extension of her studio. Furuhashi’s collection of surfaces are applied to jewelry, bringing the site directly to the wearer’s body.

Motoko Furuhashi was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her works has been inspired by her experiences traveling around the world, and road that takes her to go one place to another. She received MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, she teaches at New Mexico State University. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, the Oakland Museum of California, Alliages Contemporary Art Jewellery in Lille, France and Nobana Art Works in Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.