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Senior Student Designs URCAS Logo


The logo design for this year’s URCAS was done by Senior student Jenna Dunlap! She and student Chris Orrantia worked in the Advanced Graphic Design class to create further marketing materials including posters, t-shirts, name tags.

From Jenna on her design process:

"My logo design for URCAS 2022 is based on the idea of 'thinking outside of the box'. I really wanted to portray a theme of creativity and learning through the objects bursting out of the box. By 'thinking outside of the box' or 'breaking out of your shell' the logo represents breaking the boundaries of learning and discovering various possibilities. As for the objects bursting out of the box, each one represents categories related to URCAS. Starting from the left: the leaf represents growth, the arrow represents direction and discovery, the globe represents coming together and knowledge, the bubble shapes are molecules (for science), the gear represents education and thinking, the stars are for possibility, and the hand represents 'reaching out' and 'helping each other'. I chose the vibrant colors to expand on the idea of creativeness and diversity. As a whole, I aimed for this logo to encapsulate the possibilities of creativity."

The event is tomorrow! More info below.