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Congratulations to our art historian, Professor Meg Goehring!


She just announced her chapter, “The Politics of Space of the Burgundian Garden” has officially been published in Karl Enenkel & Walter Melion (Eds), Landscape and the Visual Hermeneutics of Place, 1500-1700 (Intersections vol. 75)(Leiden: Brill, 2021), pp. 326-366.

Here’s the abstract for Dr. Goehring’s chapter in case you’re interested in knowing more about her writing: “As idealized representations of nature and manifestations of a particular vision of the world, gardens are landscapes that speak. This essay explores the politics of space of Valois-Habsburg gardens and the larger landscapes in which they were embedded, and how such places framed claims of rulership and power. Initially used for the performance of nobility, as Burgundian aspirations became grander, the garden took on a more active and publicly visible role in the presentation of authority. The polyvalent symbolic associations of the garden allowed Valois-Habsburg rulers to transform these spaces into visualizations in spatial terms of a unified and coherent representation of power.”