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Museum Conservation Student, Symphony Scott Receives National Scholarship for 2021



"When I changed my major and began taking classes for Art Conservation, a whole new view for my life opened up for me."

-Symphony Scott

Symphony Scott is an outstanding senior in the Department of Art’s Museum Conservation program, where she has found a degree matching her love of art and the hard sciences directed under Dr. Silvia Marinas-Feliner. During her time in the program, Miss Scott has gained experience working as an intern for the University Museum of Anthropology, developing skills in collections management, and curatorial duties. This paired with her experiences in museums such as the Louvre has solidified the fact that she not only wants to work with art, but wishes to work on protecting and conserving it for future generations.

Her Statement of Intent reflects Symphony’s ambitions and goals for how the National Museum of Women in the Arts Scholarship will help make them a reality.

Statement of Intent:

Earning a degree in Museum Art Conservation is the first step in achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a Museum Art Conservator. The National Museum Women in Arts Scholarship will aid in the completion of this step, and will guide me forward by entering into graduate school to earn my Masters Degree. The Graduate school that I hope to attend is Queens University in Ontario, Canada in their “Art Conservation- Treatment Stream” program. Once I have my Master’s Degree paired with experience working in museums, my career goal is to work at the Tate Modern Museum in London as a conservator.