taucole Mariah Morell at Art Obscura 11.9.20 | New Mexico State University - BE BOLD. Shape the Future.
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Mariah Morell at Art Obscura 11.9.20


Mariah Morell received her BFA in 2016 and has been actively showing her work.

From her website:

My work is about the excess and exuberance of youth. Using excessive mark making to convey the subject of youth and exuberance. Specifically relating to the younger generations voice and how people transform over time and grow out (or sometimes not) of their lifestyles as a young person. I begin the process of drawing out the subjects by hand with various forms of precise mark making. This doubling of the person in the photograph is used to represent our struggle with separating ourselves from what we think is expected of us, and who we really are as individuals. My work strives to demonstrate identity, ecstasies, and excess of youthful life through both the forms and the mark making.