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Alumna Madison Manning Exhibiting in Lesbian Matters: Solo Show, Brooklyn, NY




February 9th – April 3rd

Trestle Gallery, 850 3rd Avenue, Suite 411, Industry City, Brooklyn, NY

Gallery Hours -Wednesday and Friday 1:30 – 6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 6:00pm

Show by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, curated by Jesse Bandler Firestone.


Lesbian Matters is a participatory art project that explores the personal and material effects that are collected through our lives. These personal collections of postcards, trinkets, letters, photographs, and buttons serve as reminders of life’s queer moments. What are the objects that make up your life?

For an upcoming exhibition at Trestle Gallery as part of The BRIC Biennial, Brooklyn-based artist Phoenix Lindsey-Hall is collecting objects, stories, and personal artifacts that mark lesbian life. This will create a collective snapshot that reflects a contemporary lesbian objecthood.

This call for materials is inclusive and open to anyone especially those identifying as lesbian, butch, queer, non-gender binary, trans, or believes their voice should be represented in this collective examination of a contemporary lesbian life. In this way, we are preserving a living moment of lesbian history in real time.
Vice article good quote:
“Lesbian Matters welcomes all participants who feel connected to woman-loving culture to explore and reclaim the word “lesbian” as an intersectional term that includes trans lesbian, bisexual, and gender non-binary individuals and communities.”
I submitted an archived issue of May 2017 Vogue’s I was able to purchase online. Mine was thrown away at some point when I was college, but it was hardly a magazine at that point. The models had been cut out of nearly every page. I collaged my closet door (yes, the closet) with pictures of outfits and couture I was in love with … and also all the women in the garments.