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Alum Designs Electronic Caregiver Logo



Audra Lamoreaux is an employee of SameDay Security, the parent company for Electronic Caregiver.

Audra had an opportunity to put her graphic design skills to practice in her field when asked to give the company’s logo an update.  Here’s Audra had to say when I asked her about the opportunity:

“At the time I gave the Electronic Caregiver logo an update, I was working as a full stack web developer managing, creating, updating 183+ websites for our company.
The Electronic Caregiver website needed a fresh new look. So after hours one day, my direct supervisor and Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Chasko, myself, and Andy Farias met in the conference room to brainstormed our ideas for the website. After getting the layout we wanted, I was placing the logo we had. It wasn’t working so well so I played around with the logo and there we have it.”