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Community Engagement Panel in the UAG

Gallery Talk Series: Community Engagement Panel- Moderated by Chris Bardey

We are happy to announce an up coming event taking place here at the University Art Gallery! On Thursday, February 12 at 6pm we will be hosting a Panel moderated by artist Chris Bardey, as a part of our Las Cruces Creates exhibition. Mr. Bardey is from Indiana and currently resides in the Las Cruces area. He is one of the of the founders and the director of West End Art Department (We.Ad), located here in our very own “City of the Crosses”. The mission for We.Ad’s is to create an alliance with people who hold a passion for the art, and advocate for and promote the artists of Las Cruces and the surrounding areas through active outreach, education and community service.

What will the panel focus on? Las Cruces 2020 – Art City?

1. Five years from now, what do we want our community to look like, to its residents, businesses, and to the rest of the state, the country, and internationally, in regards to the arts? His talk will address these exact questions to help stimulate, engage, and collaborate with the community as a means to help shape the city we want to see.                                                        2. How can community engagement* help shape the city we want to see?
* defined as the stakeholders in the arts & culture racket working together to increase:
• awareness
• participation
• cultural offerings
• economic development

If you are interested in having your artistic opinions voiced and heard, this talk is the perfect opportunity to do just that. We ask that you come in with an open mind and a want to improve the community’s  local art scene. Lets work together to get our creative juices flowing and support our local artists. Let’s go local!

Randy Harris, founder/steward, The Great Conversation
Chris Bardey, artist, educator and co-founder & director, West End Art Depot

Roy van der Aa, artist and publisher of The Ink
Tauna Cole-Dorn, artist and educator, Art Dept. NMSU
Michael Gutierrez, artist, photographer, Firebird Rising Fine Art
Hilary McDaniel-Douglas, dancer, educator and artistic director, Project in Motion
Joy Miller, artist and exhibitions curator, Las Cruces Museum of Art
Derrickson Moore, reporter and arts writer, Las Cruces Sun-News
Arianna Parsons, owner Beck’s Coffee and interim director, Downtown Las Cruces Partnership
Michael Ponce, artist, educator and owner Michael Ponce gallery
Deret Roberts, artist and owner of Art Obscura gallery
Miguel Silva, District 1 City Councilor

Community Engagement Panel/ NMSU University Art Gallery D.W. Williams Hall