The Better Show: #Bring Your Own

April 21, 2022 - May 14, 2022

For the Community

University Art Museum


The University Art Museum (UAM) is proud to announce The Better Show: #Bring Your Own 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition, featuring work by MFA candidates: Dina Perlasca, Carlos Lee Sullivan, and Katrina Laine.

The Better Show: #Bring Your Own is composed of three separate installations presented by Dina Perlasca, Carlos Lee Sullivan, and Katrina Laine that imagine spaces where the irresolvable can be resolved. Perlasca is a Mexican-American ceramicist looking for reconciliation between ideal and real domestic spaces using symbols to encode her heritage. Sullivan is an assemblage artist who creates fairy tales without resolutions, pointing at the emptiness in their structure. He seeks to create new forms of optimism and innocence in that emptiness. Laine is an installation artist giving permission to herself and others to take up space and time in order to heal from collective and personal trauma.