Announcing 2022 Internships at Chinati Foundation

September 27, 2021 - November 01, 2021


Chinati Foundation

"Chinati Foundation’s paid internship program provides hands-on educational and professional experience in the fields of art conservation, development, and education.

Internships are primarily intended for, but not limited to, candidates who self-identify as women from racial and cultural backgrounds that are underrepresented in the arts, including individuals of Black, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern/North African, Native American, Latinx/Hispanic, and Pacific Islander descent. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) recipients are eligible to apply.


We seek curious and driven individuals who are eager to learn and jump headfirst into any given project. Applicants with some college level coursework, associate or bachelor’s degrees or equivalent work experience are welcome to apply. Intern candidates are not required to have previous work or educational experience in the arts, though a serious interest in the arts and museums is key.


To learn more about Chinati's internship program, participating departments, and how to apply, please click here."

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