Alexis Salas

Assistant Professor Alexis Salas


Dr. Alexis Salas is an art historian of global modern and contemporary art with a specialization in in the Americas (Latin America and the LatinX United States).  Her curatorial projects, courses, and scholarship explore fine art as well as visual and material culture and emphasize the voices of people of color as well as feminist and queer critique. Her recent scholarship focuses on Digital Activism in the Americas. Her first book, “Disparity at Play: The Artists and Projects of Temístocles 44 (Mexico City, 1991-2003), currently a manuscript in process, looks at how an artist collective in Mexico City used the conditions of neoliberalism to produce subversive collective projects. Her second book will focus on the relationship of art (practices, markets, patrons) and oil.

A first-generation college student from a working-class family, Dr. Salas is a graduate of and recruiter for the Institute for the Recruitment for Teachers, which helps underrepresented students pursue graduate studies and work in higher education. Salas’ work as an art historian, maker, and curator inspire her research and experimental pedagogies as well as her service work within the academy.

Fall 2020 Courses Art 101 Art 296

Dr. Salas teaches a wide range of courses in modern and contemporary art history, theory, and criticism. Some of her intellectual interests include: -Globalization -Neoliberalism in the Developing World -Art Market, Collectors and Collecting -Design (Fashion, Architecture, Material Culture) History -Film, particularly Third Cinema -Collaboration and Collectivity -Curatorial Practice and Museums -‘Zines and Artist Print Culture -Copyright, Intellectual Property, Plagiarism -Art Fairs, Biennials, Exhibitions

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“On Queering Latinx Art – Vick Quezada and Alexis Salas,” NYU, The Latinx Project, February 2020

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