Margaret Goehring joined the faculty at New Mexico State University in 2009. Before joining the faculty, she was Visiting Assistant Professor at the SUNY College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Among the awards she has earned include several NEA and NEH research grants, and a residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris (2008). She is a specialist on manuscript illumination and painting of the Low Countries and France from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries, and has presented numerous papers at both national and international conferences in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. She has published a monograph, Space, Place & Ornament: The Functions of Landscape in Medieval Manuscript Illumination (Brepols, 2014) as well as several articles on painting in Flemish devotional books. Her most recent project, a book she co-edited with Kate Dimitrova, has been published: Dressing the Part: Textiles as Propaganda in the Middle Ages (Brepols, 2015). In addition to Medieval and Renaissance art, she also teaches American Folk & Outsider Art and the Art of China.

Classes Fall 2015

ART 305/505 Medieval Art: This course focuses on sculpture, painting, metalwork, ivories, textiles, manuscript illumination and architecture of Western Europe, Islam and Byzantium from the 4th to the 14th century. Among the issues this class will explore will be the art of the book and its use as a tool to convert and convince; how liturgical practice and theological debate influenced art and spatial design; the use of art as a tool of visual rhetoric for both ecclesiastical and secular power (especially in textiles, jewelry and manuscripts), and the art of pilgrimage.

ART 295G Introduction to Art History I: In this introductory level survey of European and Middle Eastern art from its prehistoric foundations to the thirteenth century, we will explore architecture, sculpture, ceramics, painting, metal work, and manuscript illumination. In addition to examining aspects of changing style, subject matter and usage, we will also look at patterns of power and propaganda, ritualistic function and usage, the physical contexts for which works of art were made and displayed and how that could affect their meaning.

ART 479/579 Art Theory, Criticism and Historiography: This reading and discussion intensive class will look at art theory and approaches to the interpretation of art from Antiquity to the present day.  Particular attention shall be placed on 19th and 20th century methodologies, including semiotics, gender theory, Marxism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, deconstructionism, and Critical Race theory, paying special attention to the historical contexts in which these approaches developed, their utility and their limitations.

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«Terrier d’Évêque» (Lille: Archives du Nord). This fascinating manuscript is one of the only extant illustrated rent-books in existence. It was created for the bishop of Cambrai in the late 13th century.


Art History

Associate Professor

D.W. Williams Hall
P.O. Box 30001, MSC 3572
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Office: Center for the Arts 333
Phone: 575-646-5388

Email: goehring@nmsu.edu


Case Western Reserve University,
Ph.D., Art History

Williams College, Clark Art Institute,
M.A., Art History

Oberlin College,
B.A., Art History


Research Interests: Late Medieval Franco-Flemish manuscript illumination, history of landscape painting, history of textile representation in art, late medieval devotional art and culture, American Folk Art




  • Space, Place and Ornament: The Function of Landscape in Franco-Flemish Manuscript Illumination (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2014)
  • Dressing the Part: Textiles as Propaganda in the Middle Ages, co-edited with Dr. Kate Dimitrova (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols) in press


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Short notices:

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Book Reviews 

  • Review of Timothy Husband, The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2008) for Renaissance Quarterly LXII, n.3 (Fall, 2009), pp. 874-875.
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Select Conference Papers:

  • Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library Symposium 2014—Painted Ambition: Notes on Some Early American Masonic Wall Paintings
  • Historians of Netherlandish Art 2010—workshop presentation, Space in the Breviary of Eleanor of Portugal (Morgan Library m. 52)
  • College Art Association 2009Space and Place: Landscape in the ‘Veil Rentier’ of the Lords of Audenarde-Pamele
  • 19th Annual Graduate Conference, The Centre for Comparative Literature at The University of Toronto (April 2008)—Recognizing the Reader in an Age of Mass-Produced Manuscript Illumination
  • International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, MI: May 2007)—Redefining ‘Landscape’ and its Functions in Franco-Flemish Manuscript Illumination
  • Sixteenth Century Studies (Toronto: October, 2004)—The Semiotics of Textile Representation in Post-Burgundian Manuscript Illumination
  • Groningen Codicology Days (Fryske Akademie, Leeuwarden: March 2002) Style or Master? Considerations on the Working Methods of the Master of the “Older” Prayerbook of Maximilian I
  • Sixteenth Century Studies Annual Conference (Cleveland, OH: October, 2000)—The Wolsey Lectionaries
  • International Colloquium of Netherlandic Studies (University of Wisconsin, Madison: May, 1998)—Jan Steen’s “Wrath of Ahasuerus” at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Netherlandish Theatrical Tradition

Awards & Fellowships:

  • NMSU Research Mini-Grants, Spring 2010, Summer 2013
  • Residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Fall 2008
  • Honorary Faculty Member Omicron Delta Kappa, Alfred University 2006
  • NEH Research grant (Alfred University), Summer, 2005
  • NEH Research grant (Alfred University), Fall, 2005
  • Eva L. Pancoast Fellowship (Case Western Reserve University), 1996
  • Butkin Fellowship (Case Western Reserve University), 1995