Visual Storytelling Project

Visual Storytelling Project

Students in the 455 Advanced Graphic Design: Storytelling class are working in groups to develop and tell visual stories using blogs and social media. We invite you to check out and participate in these projects ranging from creating an archive of personal meaningful objects, to recording work in progress, to documenting absurd confessions. Below are story project descriptions and links to follow. Enjoy and share!

Please send comments or questions to Katya Reka (, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Media Arts

Sognar Studios


By Chris Shelton and Joshua Duran

Screen Print Posters/ Custom toys by Chris and Josh. *we’re just two guys and we’re having a good time*

Preservation of Memory


By Caitlin Furphy

Follow me through the process of my thesis show, collecting meaningful objects and documenting them. 

Post your own memory #preservationofmemory



By Jorge Barrera and Miguel Valle

Sarah Cortez, Reporter from the Barcelona Online News.

It’s a Work in Progress Blog


By Chelsea Thomas

Absurd Confessions


by Valentin Guereque and Marlene Flores

Make an anonymous confession. Go to – (it’s anonymous!) or by email:



By Ashley Hall and Jessica Lopez

The story of an air head and a killer. #HelloWhosThis Scary but funny.

Creative Minds NMSU


By Marisa Leger and Katelyn Tuning

Featuring art and design work from students at NMSU. Follow us and use#creativemindsnmsu for a chance to be featured!

I wanted to be a doctor.


By Brandon Eisenschenk and Alex Cano.

The “I wanted to be a doctor” blog is a blog dedicated to dreams, both fulfilled and lost. We ask people what they wanted to be, and what they became.

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