Meet our new members in the department

L1149585 Lake Newton is a new Visiting Professor in Photography.

Lake Roberson Newton was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1974. After graduating with a degree in Psychology from Rhodes College- Memphis- he spent a number of years teaching English as a Second Language in Hungary and South Korea. In 2009 he received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with an emphasis in photography. Having worked primarily in the medium of photography, Lake’s current work has expanded to include works on paper, found/manipulated sculpture, and video. His current series of images, titled ‘History of the Land’, is intended to create a system of visual representations in which historical fact intertwines with subjective historical invention.


Portrait Jarad Wittenmyer is a new instructor in Printmaking.

Jared Wittenmyer is from Toledo Ohio, and received his BFA in printmaking/sculpture from the University of Iowa, and MFA in printmaking/drawing from Illinois State. He specializes in photomechanical, traditional and digital print-media. Wittenmyer make abstract work that connotes my experience. He uses rhythmic analogues to evoke emotional reaction. Spontaneous mark making, figuration, and repetition of form are consistent elements throughout my work. he draws on comparisons between personal experiences and a variety of disparate sources: indexical marks, film, myths, dryer lint, literary criticism, naturally occurring forms, print and photomechanical processes and language. Despite the medium, his background in printmaking informs his approach to art making, the layering or combining of visual elements allows me to accentuate or negate information as he constructs a piece. Combining a wide range of materials and processes, these works manifest themselves as drawings, prints, objects, installations, digital and hybrid works.


2261489Marina Shaltout is a residency artist in Metalsmithing and Jewelry.

Statement/Bio: Marina was born in Columbia, Missouri where she lived for three years before moving to central Illinois. This is where she spent most of her childhood, gathering rocks, bugs, and other souvenirs from the land. She has always had an interest in art as well nature, psychology and human behavior. In high school she explored ceramics, drawing, crafts, and photography. She graduated knowing that she wanted to pursue a college degree in fine arts. She attended Missouri State University for one year before deciding that a larger art program would provide more opportunities so she transferred to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After taking one metals/jewelry class she realized that it was the medium she was most passionate about. She started out in the program by making art jewelry as well as exploring alternative materials, such as bone, leather, and latex. Marina graduated with a BFA in metalsmithing/jewelry design and a minor in art history in May 2014. She is interested in expanding the traditional idea of jewelry to be any sort of adornment or object which has a relationship to the body. Her work explores ritualistic human actions such as fidgeting and other compulsive behaviors. She is currently making objects for the body which provide the wearer with a mode of visual and tactile stimulation. The interaction between the pieces and the wearer is what give the objects a sense of functionality.


Christina Erives Picture Christina Erives is a residency artist and instructor in Ceramics.

Christina Erives was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California.  She Received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Studio Art from California State University of Northridge and her Master of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University.  Recent Exhibitions include: The 11th annual MBK exhibition at the clay studio in Philadelphia, Digital hand at gallery 709 in Pittsburgh, Novis Oculi at Crane Arts in Philadelphia, KilnOpening at the American Museum of Ceramic art in Pomona California, and To go at Mendocino Art Center in California.  She is currently a visiting professor at New Mexico State University and plans to attend Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana followed by Arquetopia’s short term residency in Puebla Mexico in spring of 2015.   Erives’ work focuses on her memories of growing up as one of twelve children in Los Angeles, California.  Using magical surrealism and extreme attention to detail, Erives constructs information rich installations that speak of her experience as a Mexican-American. Erives’s work has been informed by my Mexican heritage and family traditions.  Her interest in creating these objects arises from my fear of these processes being lost and forgotten.


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